Adrian, Sue and staff thank you so much for the care and attention you have given us in the two funerals we’ve had inthe last 18 months.  You all manage to tread the line between empathy and cheerfulness very adeptly,  with thanks from us all.

I just wanted to write and thank you Sue and the rest of your team for making the process of arranging my brother’s funeral such a smooth and stress free process.  Your advice and assistance were really appreciated.  We have moved on to the practical tasks and endless paperwork,  but the memory of the service and your help remain in my mind – thank you again.

We would like to express our thanks to you all, for the kind and considerate way in which you arranged the funeral,  for following our wishes and for handling so many different aspects on our behalf.

I just want to thank you in writing Sue for all your work on our behalf to enable the funeral service to proceed so smoothly.  My daughter’s and l much valued your kindly patients and helpful suggestions.  Without your help it would have been very difficult for us to cope with it all,  especially with the communication problems involved for my daughter in the wilds of Scotland.  We will always be very grateful to you.

Thank you Adrian for your kindness and understanding, no one ever rehearses for these events and although l know that you have experience of many sad occasions of family members passing, you were always professional and calm which was exactly what we needed.  My husband chose your independent family firm himself and l know he would have been very pleased with the result.

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