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Direct Cremation - Unattended Funeral

An unattended funeral, often referred to as a direct cremation, is for people who do not want to have a service prior to the cremation.  

 We will arrange for a dignified cremation to take place and then return the ashes to you or scatter them within the garden of remembrance.


Plus Disbursements


Our Dignified Simple Funeral

Not everyone wants a costly and traditional funeral and instead would prefer a simpler ceremony. Simplicity gives you an alternative choice, one that still allows you to arrange a personal and unique funeral, but cuts out the ceremonial excess that you may feel unwanted  or unnecessary.


Plus Disbursements

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Our Traditional Funeral

Traditional funerals, based on long-established tradition, are one way to pay tribute to a life. A funeral is a service that brings people together to celebrate and remember someone they loved through songs, stories and more. It can bring comfort and peace for affected families and friends while representing the unique life of the person lost.


Plus Disbursements

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